Contoh Format Fax Ke Huzur Atba

نَحْمَدُهُ وَنُصَلِّىْ عَلَى رَسُوْلِهِ الْكَرِيْمِ  وَعَلَى عَبْدِهِ اْلمَسِيْحِ اْلمَوْعُوْدِ
Dear Hazoor Aqdas Khalifatul Masih V, Ayyadahullahu Taala Binashrihil Aziz.                                             
First of all, allow me to pray may Allah Taala grant Hazoor Aqdas ATBA, all family, and Staffs with the best sound of health. Ameen !
JazakAllah for Hazoor recent Khutbatul Jumah 26Feb2016 about Pearls of Wisdom Hadhrat Muslih Mau'ud r.a., particularly we need to keep up our knowledge in History, Geography, etc; for example Hazoor said about Alexander the Great. When I discussed it with some brothers in the masjid, they (Googled) said: Alexander the great is a Macedonian king, etc, etc. But when we referred it to the Al Quranul Karim (Surah Al Kahfi) it's actually referred to Cyrus the King of Medo-Persian, lived long before Hadhrat Rasulullah SAW. Even though he was Zoroastrian but this Dhulqarnain loved Allah very much, very humble and pious person. So that's why Allah also loves him by sending him His Guidance for his successful leadership in ruling half of this earth. MashaAllah JazakAllah for Tafseer Kabeer by Hadhrat Muslih Mau'ud r.a., now we get the right knowledge and understanding. Also the wisdom that our current spiritual 'Alexander the Great' The Promised Messiah Qadiani a.s. and his Khulafa actually are greater; because their mission without means of any physical armament.
Therefore we request Hazoor Aqdas to be so kind to pray for me and all of my family that Allah the Almighty blesses us to serve His-Jamaat better.
Also Jazakoumollah for Hazoor Aqdas' s guidance in the recent Waqfe Nau UK Ijtema partcipated by 1.500 people. We discussed it with our 3 (three) WNau children, especially 8th Grade School student Saleh Ahmad, 14. every year by the grace of Allah since Elementary School he always gets Honor Roll Award. He is WNau-962B and just got accepted in a welknown High School few days ago. This High School ranks 12th in the State of, and 62th Nationwide. But the most important thing for us is also the closest one from our mosque Bt.Salam.
Therefore we beg Hazoor Aqdas special prayers for Saleh Ahmad, may Allah always protect and enable him to pursue his best educational goals in the best school for years to come, especially when he get into the 10th Grade to make the right decision career whether: Medicine, Engineering or Journalism under the guidance of Hazoor Aqdas Ayyadahullahu Taala Binashrihil Aziz.
And may Allah Taala be always our guardian physically as well spiritually.  
Jazakoumollah ahsanal jaza for Hazoor’s special do'a. Amiin Yaa Robbal Alamin !
Wassalam, Khaksar, &doa requested,
Amman 1395HS/March, 3rd 2016.
humbly serving Jamaat BanTeng in Wasayya, Diyafat, & Mtz.Ithar Ansarullah.

Address: Masjid Mubarak, Jalan Pahlawan 71, Bandung 404040, Indonesia.

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